March 1, 2024
If you’ve ever been around Harold Kalibala, you know that it takes him a while to open up. But if you listen to his musi,c he’s the farthest thing egotistical.
This inspired rap artist released his album “Son of Aphrodite” on Thursday, Nov. 14. Releasing a new album is a big deal, and Kalibala publicly performed his album in Ness auditorium for the Wittenberg community.
After thinking about going back to his African culture and tapping into his Texan lifestyle, he allowed Eros the God of love and the son of Aphrodite to be the focus for this album.
Not being one to open up and express his feelings, he turns to his alter ego “Eros” to help him tell his story about his battle with love and war.
“People that don’t know me understand me when they listen to my music,” said Kalibala.
Being the youngest out of all his friends he always found himself running into trouble with females.
“Since I was young I’ve always been the one trying to catch up with everyone,” said Kalibala. “I never knew how to talk to a girl about my feelings, so I rapped about it.”
After allowing one of his best friends, Jaycob Merritt, to listen to the record, he was told to keep writing about his troubles.
The album allows Eros to argue love and war without saying he never had a broken heart.
His favorite record on the album is “Birds and the Bees.” In his lyrics he says, “love is the reason I’m always sinning.”
“I’ll never forget the female that inspired this record said to me “I’m about to make a man out you,” said Kalibala.
He knows that eventually “love will conquer all.”
“Everything I rap about is love. So, my biggest fear is what is going to happen to my music after I fall in love,” said Harold
Featured on the album is Jen Miller, Derek Snowden, BD the Prophet, Casanova Jones, and Michael Ogechukwu.
His next show will be Dec. 27 at the Atlanta Brave Stadium for the Christmas Bash. He will open up the show for T.I. and Ludacris, performing eight bars from one of his songs.
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