May 19, 2024

What are you asking for this Christmas?
“I’m asking for an iPad, because I’m a special education major and now the apps that are offered are great for kids with special needs.” Morgan Gecking ’16
“I really just kind of want a stapler and some fuzzy socks.” Kathleen Jedreski ’17
“I want people to stop peeing on me.” Wally Witt
“I would like a German Shepard puppy.” Andrew Feese ’14
“A one-way ticket to Chile.” Courtney Craig ’14
“Enough money to get an iPhone because I need a more reliable phone that I have.” Erick Andre ’16
“Money. Literally, that’s it. I don’t want anything else.” Jake Ferrier ’15
“There’s this really cool electric toothbrush that I’ve wanted for a really long time.” Maria Symons ’17
“I really want sweaters. Like, a lot of sweaters. Also, a job would be nice.” Vicki Miller ’14

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