June 18, 2024

With the new year and new semester, rumors have been spreading around campus regarding students’ work hours being cut and possible policy changes to the work study award. However, the policy has remained the same and the only changes that have been made in the Student Employment Office are in organization and the distribution of information about job opportunities.
The various employment departments each have a budget and when students sign contracts to work, they have a set amount of hours they can work. If students increase hours on their own accord, they cannot work for time exceeding the predetermined budget. So students’ hours are not actually being cut, they are merely being reworked to fit the budget and contract upon which they agreed.
The changes within the Student Employment Office are for the benefit of the students. Programs are in the works to inform student workers on the hiring process and contract construction. A full list of position titles and requirements is being put together to assist in the hiring process.
“We want to help communicate how to manage [time management skills],” stated Laura Siemon, manager of Student Employment. Information on these seminars should be released in the next two months.
The purpose for student employment opportunities is for students to gain skills in the “work place” setting. “We want to provide these robust learning experiences for students,” said Jon Duraj, associate dean of student success and retention.
Work opportunities have been available all year both on and off campus. Job listings are posted in the Student Employment Office in the Benham Pence Center. Students do not have to originally have a work award to get a job. A work award can be added later in the semester for students to obtain work through a Wittenberg partner company. Duraj encourages students to partake in the working community.
“It helps me learn Spanish along with the people I’m tutoring,” said Lauren O’Connor, a junior Spanish major who works in the Foreign Language Learning Center. “It’s a good challenge.”
Junior Alexa Konowal, an employee of the Writing Center, has also had a positive learning experience from her job. “I’ve definitely gained more confidence in myself in communicating with others,” she said. “I definitely love the Writing Center. I don’t think I could’ve picked a better place on campus to work.”
If there are questions or concerns regarding work study awards or student employment, Siemon encourages students to contact her. “I’m happy to talk to them,” she said.
For more information, contact Laura Siemon at siemonl@wittenberg.edu or (937) 327-7819.

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