June 13, 2024

Wittenberg’s improvisational group, Pocket Lint, took a break from their typical extemporaneous style show this past Thursday and Friday night in the Springfield Arts Theater. The players enacted skits that Pocket Lint members themselves created for a night of hilarity and entertainment for a mature audience.
Skits performed poked fun at topics such as the Wittenberg campus police, individual members’ social media habits, the tooth fairy, and the sport of ice-skating.
The show also featured call outs for members of the Pocket Lint troupe, including the return of senior member Molly Alderson from her semester abroad and a spoof of an unfortunate incident experienced by member Brandon Pytel with the law.
The 90-minute “Winter Sketch Opera 2014” included 13 original skits with appearances in between of members holding signs of celebrities’ names with ironic tunes playing in the background, invoking uproarious laughter from the student audience.
In addition to demonstrating the Pocket Lint members’ skills at acting, the performance showcased individual members’ unique talents as well. Senior member, Harold Kalibala exhibited his talent of rapping to an original cover of Kendrick Lamar’s hit song “Swimming Pools.” Senior members Alderson, Pytel, Nicki Perry, and Robby Thrall showed off their adept rollerblading and multiple members demonstrated their skills with accents.

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