July 14, 2024

Springfield Loves Food

By: Jack Ruble

            One of the most important parts of Valentine’s Day for those looking to make a good impression is finding that special place to have dinner.  For many people this is the key element of the holiday and could either make it or break it in the game of making that special someone happy.  A lot goes into picking the perfect place to eat on St. Valentine’s Day, and not every restaurant is right for every situation.  Here is a list of four places you might want to consider to grab a quick bit or gaze into each others eyes all night.
(4 1/2 out of 5) First on the list is Cecil and Lime.  Located on the corner of Cecil St. and Limestone St., this classy restaurant is the perfect place to take someone who you think is really special.  With a smaller and dimly lit dining room, this establishment will require a reservation in advance as well as a couple extra dollars than your average trip to Chipotle.  This restaurant is not cheap but it is definitely worth it to make this evening a special one.  Focusing on steaks and seafood, you might want to try their prime rib and add sea scallops to your meal for a little extra to enjoy an amazing surf and turf combo.
(4 out of 5) Coming in as the second restaurant on the list is Seasons Bistro.  This is easily the most commonly recognizable fine dining spot in Springfield at Wittenberg, and for good reason.  It’s been a staple of Wittenberg Valentine’s Day dinners for years and should be near the top of your list if you’re planning to go somewhere with someone serious.  Season’s has great sandwiches, which doesn’t seem to fit with their fine dining atmosphere, but it’ll be the best sandwich you’ve had in a while.
(3 1/2 out of 5) The third place to consider is also one of the nicer restaurants, Mela Urban Bistro.  This restaurant is actually a part of the Springfield Marriott, which may seem awkward at first, but don’t let that influence your decision to dine there.  It’s a classy restaurant which has great dishes like their sacchette pasta that includes all kinds of roasted herbs and vegetables.
(3 out of 5) If a cheaper and more casual option is what you want, you might want to check out the Hickory Inn.  Located right across the street from the old location of McMurray’s, the Hickory Inn is a smaller bar that has great pizza.  It’s a great place to get to know someone better and not have the pressure of an extra classy place.
Springfield, Ohio has the restaurants that can help you make this Valentine’s Day a special one.  The food will be great but as just as important is treating those you like to a good time.

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