April 15, 2024

“Anytime there was a table outside the CDR, working, selling tickets, Ann always made a point to talk. She could tell if you were having a bad day. She always made sure she was social with everyone, and made everyone feel like they were at home and family. It’s not like she had favorites; it was genuine.” –Tricia Bergstrom, Class of 2014
“Smile for Ann today. RIP to someone who epitomized what it means to pass the light.” – Jen Miller, Class of 2014
“One of my favorite memories of her was her birthday November 13th and she attended the women’s volleyball match and I was able to get the entire crowd to song happy birthday before the last set. She was over joyed during the entire event and had a standing ovation.” – John Reynolds, Class of 2013
“Ann was one of the first of the faculty or staff that I met during my visit to Wittenberg. She made a point to talk to my parents as well as ask me questions about my hometown and friends. From that day on she always made a point to ask me about my day whenever I went to the CDR, always with a smile on her face.” –Kelsey Matson, Class of 2014
“I had pneumonia one year and couldn’t go to the CDR for a couple of weeks. She sat down and had a drink with me and a talk with me. She was like a grandmother to me. It was nice, especially during freshman year.” –Katie Reed, Alumnae, Class of 2013
“I was giving my grandparents a tour of campus and Ann was having her birthday party in the student center. She met them and said it was so nice that they came to celebrate. From then on she always asked how they were doing. She never ran out of things to say to people; it was always nice: the weather, what you were wearing, even what you were eating. It was nice because I was so far away from home.” –Amanda Claussen, Class of 2014
i’m grateful to have known such a wonderful soul.
Ann from the CDR passed away, but we all know that she wouldn’t want us to be upset or shed tears over this loss. She would want us to celebrate the beautiful life that she lived and the generations of inspiration that she has single handedly helped to release in the world. Although CDR will never be the same without our “Grandma away from home”, I know that she will be waiting at the gates of heaven for all of her favorite Wittenberg Students to make their appearances.”
Much love to Ann and her family
My heart is broken.. and I just want to be at Wittenberg more than anything else right now.. there are no other words. We will always remember you Ann R.I.P.
RIP Ann, You will be greatly missed. Thanks for being the adopted grandmother of everybody at Witt. Sending prayers for you and your widespread adopted family!
You were truly a gift that made lunchtime in the CDR the past few years so great!
hope you’re enjoying the beautiful day in heaven, sweet Ann! rest easy, you incredible and inspiring woman!
…an awesome part of the Wittenberg family… pretty sure she touched more lives than all the faculty and staff combined.
A wonderful woman, an angel of God and one of the reasons I stayed at Wittenberg…she is now with God. I will always cherish our friendship #heavenislucky
Absolutely phenomenal
Everyone else has basically taken the words right out of me, but I wanted to add my own statement: Ann you were the friendliest and kindest woman I ever had the pleasure of knowing at Wittenberg. Your memory will live on forever and I am grateful that I got a chance to know you and watch you better our Wittenberg community. Heaven has gained an angel today, RIP Ann.
I’m so sad to hear that Ann passed away today. She touched my life so much at Wittenberg. She would often talk to me, just wish me the best day, talk about anything, cheer me up, and put a smile on my face. I would always be excited to see her in the CDR. She made my time so happy at Wittenberg! I’m sad to lose my adopted Wittenberg grandmother today.
What a beautiful example of passing on her light to all at Wittenberg. She will be missed.
Today we remember Ann from Wittenberg. For those of you not from Witt: Ann swiped our cards as we entered the dining hall. While this seems like a simple job, she used it to touch the lives of so many. She always knew our names and welcomed us with a smile and a kind word. I remember being so excited to introduce my parents to Ann the during Parent’s weekend my freshman year.
I hope to honor her memory by doing my best to share the love and kindness she showed all of us with others. Always remember that just calling someone by their name and greeting them with a smile can make all the difference!
I can’t believe Ann is gone. She was one of the best at Wittenberg, and really made a difference in so many lives there. The CDR will be a sad place without her smile and warm welcome!
You knew everybody by name and had a contagious smile. I remember them telling us about you at orientation, how you would greet each person every day with the same genuine care. This was so true! The Wittenberg community won’t be the same without you. We can all strive to be a little more like Ann everyday! May you rest in peace!
She was so excited to be involved! Such a sweetie!
Generations of future Tigers won’t know what they are missing. Ann, you will be missed.
She was one of the sweetest human beings I have had the pleasure of meeting. I still have my “I ️ Ann” shirt we made. I remember when she came to Bret‘s Happy to Be Alive party: her husband dropped her off and waited for her, she brought a side dish to share, and made sure to greet everyone.
What a lady. Ann, you embodied everything I love about Wittenberg and thinking of you makes me want to be a better person in your honor.
I will keep her family (Wittenberg included) in my prayers. She was an amazing woman.
will never forget that moment when I returned from Thanksgiving break and Ann greeted me walking into the CDR with these kind words: “It’s so good to see you again. I thought about you and prayed for you over the break.” There is no doubt in my mind Wittenberg University is a better place because of Ann, as well as each student a better person because of her. Ann had the gift to remember students years after they graduated and returned to campus. We will never forget the gifts of love and compassion Ann shared with so many of us.
Much love to Ann and her family
I’m so thankful for her presence during our years at Witt. It was often what brightened my day or evening. Love, admiration and gratitude surround her even now.
You may not believe it unless you knew her but she may have been my favorite person at Witt. I had a meal plan all 4 years, so each day I went to the CDR at least once. No matter what I was going through or what my mood was, she had something to say to encourage me. But she didn’t just take the time for one or a few students- she got to know each and every one of us who walked through the door, and remembered what each of us was involved in as well. Our class even made I Ann shirts freshman year instead of regular class shirts. We do love you, Ann, and will never forget you.
it’s people like her that leave the most impression in life sometimes
Today we will celebrate the life of my friend Ann.
She was a force of good. She had a away of making you feel like you were the only person she cared about. But it wasn’t an act, it wasn’t fake. She was the sort of person who knew you instinctively and loved you unconditionally.
I drink from a coffee cup she bought me as a graduation gift. From my favorite restaurant (and one of her’s) Schmidt ‘s it says good times in german. And everytime I think of Ann past, present and future (for I know I will see her again!) I remember and look forward to the ” good times”!
I woke up this morning to the sad news that Ann from Wittenberg has passed away. She was an incredible model of “Having light, we pass it on to others.” I don’t think I ever saw her without a smile, and she always remembered our names. She will be deeply missed.
When I list the things I loved most about Wittenberg, at the very top of that list is Ann, without a doubt. I can still remember her first words to me: “Oh, you’re so tall!” My nickname for her was “Mama Tiger” because to me, she WAS Wittenberg. I think most Wittenbergers would agree that Ann was like a mom away from home to all of us. To an amazing woman who dedicated so much of her life to making everyone at Wittenberg feel loved…
Just heard about Ann passing away. She made every trip to the dining hall a treat at Wittenberg. She remembered everyone’s face and most names. What a legacy she leaves. #wemissyouann #lovepeople
Prayers for the family of Ann, the sweetest CDR employee I knew in my time at Wittenberg. She brought so much joy to mealtimes. Witt will not be the same without her compassionate presence.
Generations of future Tigers won’t know what they are missing. Ann, you will be missed.

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