April 19, 2024

Mary-Elizabeth Pratt ’15
Bitter Single Friend: This person can be seen avoiding anything pink and red. They are bitter because of a recent break-up, or because they just didn’t get with anyone this year. They’ll avoid all of their couple friends, and will probably contemplate deleting Facebook for the day. How to help this friend? Watch movies with them and don’t mention how great the flowers you got were.
First Valentine’s Day Together Couple: This couple is spending their first Valentine’s day together, how cute! They’ll be all over each other all day. Flowers, candy, balloons, stuffed animals, and various other cheesy gifts will be seen being exchanged through the day. Some couples may go out to dinner, but the CDR can be home to this couple, too. There’s no need to seek out this couple; they’ll tell you it’s their first Valentine’s Day together.
The Single Optimist: This person may not have a date this year, but it won’t keep them from hoping that their secret admirer will send flowers. In reality, this person will probably just get a card from their mom and a cute little Valentine from their best friend, but they will wait around their mailbox all day waiting for the flowers. They’ll decorate everything they own in pink and talk constantly about how great Valentine’s Day is. They’re a little bummed out they don’t have a date, but this won’t stop them from being optimistic.
The “We’re Not Together” Couple: They aren’t together, guys. Really. But we all know the truth. This couple more than likely started talking in December or January and just isn’t ready to tell everyone about it. They’re secretly making a nice, romantic dinner at home, and there may even be a small gift involved, but they aren’t going to post it on Facebook, and adamant denial will occur if confronted. Let them take their relationship at their own pace. If things work out, they’ll be more open next Valentine’s day.
The Been-Together-Forever Couple: We all know this couple. It’s your best friend, it’s your parents, it’s the couple down the hall. This isn’t their first Valentine’s day, and while they’ll do all the cutesy stuff required by society, they won’t be overly enthusiastic about it. A nice dinner and maybe candy will suit them just fine. They’re just happy to see the First Valentine’s Day Together Couples and reminisce about their first one.
The Ann McGree: Ann loved everything and everyone. Bad days were still beautiful and everyone deserved a Valentine’s date. The Ann McGree is much like the Single Optimist, except they spread the love to every person they meet. Be an Ann McGree this Valentine’s Day.

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