July 12, 2024

What’s it like working with your spouse at Wittenberg?
Dr. Michael Anes (Psychology) and Dr. Heather Wright (Political Science)
Dr. Anes: “A truly wonderful experience all the way around. Very few people in their professional lives (I suppose) have the experience of their spouse knowing exactly what their job entails, day in and day out. So in that way no one can possibly be more supportive or empathetic.”
Dr. Wright agrees: “We are true partners in all areas of our life. He understands me and my situation as fully as another person can. Michael really brings out the best in me! I’m so grateful.”
Even though they are in different disciplines, they have collaborated on projects such as the Psychology and Political Science field study, Witt in Poland, and this summer, they will be co-panelists at a Cultural Studies conference in Finland.
Dr. Timothy Bennett (Languages) and JoAnn Bennett (International Education)
JoAnn Bennet said that their children (19 and 16) get tired of hearing about Wittenberg. But there are benefits: “our children have taken classes here, gotten to go abroad several times, learned to swim, participated in summer camps and cultural festivals, and enjoyed getting to know many international students because of our life on campus.”
Pastor Andy Tune and Pastor Rachel Tune
Pastor Rachel Tune: “In the administrative side of the house, we are unique in that we actually share the same position at Wittenberg, each half-time, so it isn’t just a matter of both working at Witt, but also juggling the tasks and communicating as much as possible about what needs to be done.  We have worked together in the past, and find that our gifts and interests are complimentary, so that we can build on each other’s strengths.  I think we thrive on sharing in ministry in general, and even when we were in separate calls, we enjoyed talking about ministry together.  It has been particularly rewarding to both be at Witt.  We’re both very much committed to serving with college students, and can bring different viewpoints and experiences to it.  For instance, Andy has a Ph.D. in theology and has been able to teach as well as be an adviser for his WittSem students.  And even though it is an all-consuming kind of work, it was good for our family that we shared the call.  One of us could almost always be home when the kids were home, or attend their school events.   Plus, we could be involved on campus as a whole family when the kids were young, attending athletic events, picnics, plays, and concerts.”
Dr. Matthew Collier (Biology) and Kristen Collier (Community Service)
Kristen Collier said: “By being in the same environment, we can help each other better understand the rewards and challenges of our work.  We also get to share stories about the amazing students who inspire us and make us laugh.   It is fun to see students realize for the first time that we are married- they usually make the connection when they see photos of the same kids in both my office and his office.  We also have a lot of respect for each other’s work, and we support each other in that work whenever possible.”

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