May 19, 2024

As spring break rapidly approaches, many students find themselves itching to shed their winter insulation in favor of the streamlined physique that is much more conducive to the skin-bearing dress code of the beach. What follows are some tips for those who may have packed on the freshman 15 last semester or just want to whip themselves into a shapelier figure.

When in the CDR, or chowing elsewhere on campus, instead of mindlessly flocking to the pizza and hamburgers, stuff your face with something green. Salads and deli sandwiches fare much better in terms of slimming down. In the wondrous modern age in which we live, the differences between healthy and unhealthy foods are common knowledge for the most part. But if you are among the oblivious few who truly don’t know that French fries and milkshakes are far more fattening than broccoli and hummus, spend 20 minutes using the gift of the internet to enlighten yourself.

The HPER center is a close-to state-of-the-art fitness facility that offers the Wittenberg community access during reasonable hours of the day, allowing for students and faculty alike to get their respective sweat on before, after, or in between classes. Take a quick right turn once inside the doors and you’ll find yourself in the Rosencrans Fitness Center where you can spend considerable amounts of time bouncing back and forth between the many varieties of cardio and resistance machines.  Take your talents downstairs to the Heinzen Strength Center where you get to grunt as you heave heavy stuff up and down.  The pool is excellent for a quick cool-down after a hard workout, or for strenuously racking up your aquatic lap tally.

If the fear of stinking like an old gym sock in front of the pretty girl or cute guy who sits next to you in class is keeping you from going in for a mid-day treadmill sesh, let your terror be put to rest. There are showers in the locker rooms. Not only can you get your fitness on in between studies, you can leave your workout smelling better than you did when you went in.

For those averse to the idea of clinically working out, consider playing basketball with some buddies. As the temperatures start to rise, the hollow is an excellent venue for pickup games of Frisbee, soccer, or football.  For the nature lovers, nearby Snyder Park provides some tantalizing eye-candy for an afternoon walk or jog. You can’t go wrong if you’re staying active.

Any student wishing to cut back on their tummy should also look to honing in their will power at the bars. There is a reason that they call that squishy stuff that hangs around the general vicinity of your belly button a “beer gut.” Alcohol itself is comprised of little more than empty calories, and the sugar-laden juices and mixes that people dowse it with to make it more palatable are equally potent in packing on the chunk.  

Whatever your spring break plans may be, making changes in routine that promote fitness are always beneficial. In addition to looking better, pointers such as the ones listed above increase health across the board, promote a positive self-image, and increase energy.  Get your workout on Witt; your body will thank you.

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