April 19, 2024

After 12 hours in a van, one train, and a bus, Wittenberg’s Advanced Photography class arrived at their hostel in Midtown, Manhattan.
Packed with a full itinerary, the class recently took a weekend getaway to New York City. The class and professor Dan McInnis traversed across the Big Apple and were provided with unique learning experiences along the way.
While there, the students were required to complete a shooting assignment that reflected the essence of the city and its urban space, which gave them ample room to explore. The students were also required to write a short essay on their choice of art.
“This was my first time ever visiting NYC, and I couldn’t have imagined spending it any other way,” said Kaitlyn Carter, who went on the trip. “I learned so many things about photographic perspective on urban life, and got to sight-see and enjoy myself while fulfilling an assignment.”
McInnis also wanted to provide a learning experience further than just the shooting assignment and paper. McInnis was able set up a private meeting at the Gitterman Gallery, a well-known gallery in the city, through his connections with the owner.
The gallery owner, Tom Gitterman, with donuts and coffee in hand for the group, opened up his gallery on a Saturday morning to the class to talk about the gallery business and what it entails. This unique opportunity gave the students the chance to learn about the business from an insider’s perspective, for both the running of a gallery, and also selling work to a gallery.
“It’s not often Witt students get such personalized attention from someone so important in the business,” said McInnis.
Gitterman fielded any and all questions the class had, and was eager to help them learn more about photography.
“The Gitterman Gallery was a great experience, and I feel like I learned a lot about the business,” said Carter. “It was intriguing and educational.”
As an additional bonus, Gitterman showed photographs and books from his personal collection, some of which were rare.
“It was a real treat to get to see the different photographs he had in his collection,” said Carter.
The class also had the chance to visit a few museums that had special photography exhibits, including the Museum of Modern Art, the International Center for Photography, and the Piermont Morgan Library.
As one of the students on the trip, it was a truly amazing feeling to view famous works in person, after learning about them in class. Some of the most well-known photographers were featured in many of the exhibits, which made the experience even better.
For the rest of the time there, the group soaked up the sights and sounds of the city, and enjoyed each others’ company.
“The art was absolutely amazing and I’m so thankful for having the opportunity to be in the city with amazing girls and honing our photography skills,” said Kat Deck, an attendee of the trip.
With dreams and plans to return to the city, each class member brought back with them memories and mementos, as well as a broader knowledge of the business, and more skills for their photography repertoire.

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