May 19, 2024

When the English department held their annual “Literary Pub Fest” last Tuesday, they had one goal in mind: to make it more than just an awards giveaway.
Held in Wittenberg’s own Founder’s bar, the “Literary Pub Fest” gave English majors and professors alike entertainment like literature-based awards have never seen before. There was food, spirits, ad-libs, and even a musical number. Thanks to seniors Megan Conkle and Adrienne Stout, the “Pub Fest” will never be the same again.
With awards in poetry, creative fiction, creative non-fiction and more presented by Professor of English Mac McClelland, the department highlighted the winners of these categories after students submitted their own works to be judged by the department. But in between them, Conkle (winner of 1 award) and Stout (winner of 3) provided the crowd with additional jokes and a show. They even gave out their own awards to the professors, including ones for “most likely to have twenty year old peeps in his office” and “most likely to find pets anywhere.”
At the end of the event, Conkle and Stout closed with a musical number titled “Let Us Read,” sang to the tune of The Beatle’s, “Let It Be.” For any current juniors looking to follow in their footsteps, they have some big shoes to fill. But Conkle and Stout certainly made the 2014 “Literary Pub Fest” a night to remember.

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