June 13, 2024

The senior members of the improv group Pocket Lint must have been born with a few extra funny bones. Ranging from only a semester of experience to all four years of their Wittenberg career, each senior delivered a range of great one-liners and sketches at their first performance of the semester in Founders last Wednesday.
Sitting down with the group after the show was like getting a private performance. It was clear how close they all were by the severity of their teasing, and just how many “favorite moments” they could come up with. If you know Pocket Lint, not all of their answers can be printed, but here are the seniors and their thoughts on their experiences and what’s to come for the improv team:
Tyler Palmer
Been a member for: One semester
Favorite skit: The pick-up line game
Best part of Pocket Lint: It’s an outlet for my comedic gold.
Nicki Perry
Been a member for: Four years
What’s your experience been like?: Clearly the worst. They all make fun of me.
Favorite memory: Making 20 pounds of spaghetti and lighting it on fire
How will the group do without the seniors?: It’s always a transitional period, they’ll find a group dynamic.
Harold Kalibala
Been a member for: Four years
Favorite part: One time Pat Deering shot a blank gun in my face. That was fun.
What will you miss most?: I’ll miss the games and the people. But I’m gonna be back and black and beautiful for another year!
Brandon Pytel
Been a member for: Two years
Favorite skit: FIJI Bro Joe
Favorite memory:  I once wrote “puke” on a paper for a skit and Robby actually puked.
Worst part of Pocket Lint: 90 percent of the audience questions my heterosexuality.
Molly Alderson
Been a member for: Three years
Favorite part of Pocket Lint:  Meeting some of my best friends
What will you miss most: Being able to be really creative and play off ideas with everyone
How will the group do without the seniors?: They’ll be fine. We take people and prepare them for it.
Robby Thrall
Been a member for: Four years
Favorite memory: Too many, but probably when someone legitimately wanted to kill Corey.
Favorite skit: Figure skating sketch
What will you miss most?: The seniors
How will the group do without the seniors?: We’ll see. We’re always watching.
It’s clear that this group of comedians knows how to have a good time, and make the most out of what they do.  Keep a look out for their next show to see these seniors in action and to have a good laugh.

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