June 23, 2024

Where caring about the environment and “going green” used to be something only associated with hippies, it’s now hard to argue that the pro-earth movement has become something else: cool. It’s become so easy to go green that you can do so just by grocery shopping and bringing reusable bags with you. And, if you have the money, just about every car company sold in America sports a hybrid or even a fully electric vehicle. In fact, there are hundreds of products you can buy, multiple organizations you can donate to, and more than just a few things you can do to support the environment.
But what if going green is just a phase? Just a trend? What if five years down the road everyone gets tired of those fun little grocery bags or decides to trade in their Prius for another fuel guzzling SUV?  Let’s face it, we live in a society that feeds off of things that are new and exciting while at the same time discarding the old and outdated. The problem is that our planet won’t become “outdated” for another billion years or so.
Protecting our planet shouldn’t be just another fad. Nor should you consider your grocery bags to be the only contribution you have to make. So maybe you don’t have to buy a Prius to prove your dedication to your home world. Like I said, there are literally hundreds of ways to contribute to going green. But don’t let protecting the environment be something that goes out of style. Even if you’re the type of person who drives a Hummer, has a one item per plastic bag rule, and stands outside spraying multiple cans of hairspray into the atmosphere for fun, you still need a planet to do all that on. So if you’re going to go green, do it because we’d all like Earth to be livable for a few million more years, and not just because it’s cool.
Fran Stygar

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