May 21, 2024

Alumni Way was abuzz with anticipation last Wedneday for one of the most important announcements of the academic year: who will play at WittFest. After months of speculation, there is finally an answer. Chiddy Bang, a pop hip-hop duo, will be taking the stage on April 26.
They hail from Philadelphia, gaining notoriety after setting dance floors on fire with their unique blend of original rap mixed with Top 40 hits, and sometimes less known music. After their single “Opposite of Adults” hit the Internet, it was picked up by music bloggers, making the duo’s “Preview EP” an overnight sensation. The Duo originally consisted of Chidera “Chiddy” Anamege & Noah “Xaphoon Jones” Beresin, who were introduced in 2008 by a friend. In 2013 Beresin left the group to pursue producing but still makes frequent appearances at shows, and continues to collaborates with Anamege.
Anamege, the lead vocalist and rapper, broke the Guinness World Record for Longest Freestyle Rap as well as the Longest Marathon Rapping Record, by freestyling for nine hours, 18 minutes, and 22 seconds. Anamege stole the title from M-Eighty, who originally broke the record in 2009 by rapping for nine hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds.
Their most recent album “Breakfast” has brought in raving reviews from music bloggers web wide. Because a large portion of their songs have samples, Chiddy Bang has crossed several genera barriers, sometimes being dubbed as a “gate way to good rap.” However, some critics disagree claiming that Chiddy Bang is just another “frat rap” group.
Whatever your opinion, there is no denying that their albums are chock full of beats and surprising musical combinations, that will make you think twice about what a good mash-up really sounds like. Their first single off of “Breakfast”, entitled “Ray Charles”, is a catchy blend of energetic poppy bluesy vocals, rhythmic chorus, and a head-bobbing beat. The rest of the album follows suit, producing a perfect summer album, suitable for jamming while driving with the windows down. And how could we forget “Opposite of Adults,” and “All Things Go,” featuring samples from MGMT and Sufjan Stevens, respectively.
Many students are excited for the show as well.
“I’m super excited,”  said Jessica Asperger, junior. “I’ve seen them in concert before and I think they will do great at a smaller venue like Witt.”
Britta Carson, junior, agrees, “I like Chiddy Bang, but I only know a couple of songs by them. They are really fun and upbeat and I think Witt will enjoy them. Since students have a habit of binge listening to whatever band will be at WittFest I think everyone will be comfortable with their songs enough to sing along and have a good time.”
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