April 19, 2024

The end of sophomore year is like the halfway point of a long car ride. By this point, you’ve gotten comfortable in your seat, but the long road leaves room for many more potholes, detours, and unforeseen car trouble.
This is roughly how I feel finishing my sophomore year at Wittenberg. Though it took me a year, I have come to realize what a wonderful place this university truly is. Especially because I am studying abroad next semester and will not be back on campus for eight months, I have developed a deep appreciation for my friends, my professors, and the groups I have become a part of on this campus. Leaving it all for a semester will be so hard because this place has become my home.
At the same time, I realize Wittenberg is not perfect. I won’t lie by saying that there was never a moment when I thought of transferring from Wittenberg. My relationship with the university had a rocky beginning and for a long time, I questioned whether I had come to the right place. However over time, Wittenberg has become more of a home to me than my parents’ house.
I know that the next two years will pose some difficult choices for me. Despite my comfort in my current life, I worry about what the future looks like for me. I still debate about the options: grad school or not, this career field or that one, living in that place or the other one. The possibilities seem so endlessly overwhelming and I haven’t a clue which one sounds more appealing.
While the next two years seem terrifying, I am also eager to live them. The prospect of deciding on my future seems terrifying, but I also know that the community I have found in Wittenberg will help me see through it.

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