May 22, 2024

Dean of Students Casey Gill sent out an email inviting Wittenberg students to apply for National Issue Forum (NIF) Student Civic Leader positions. This program will be put on by the Southwest Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE). Through a grant, SOCHE will host 10 Student Civic Leaders to complete the Student Issue Forum Project.
This leadership opportunity will allow accepted students to explore a variety of relevant issues with students from other institutions. Students will develop knowledge and skills that will allow them to become “effective citizens.”
Four issue forums will be held next year: Sept. 2014, Dec. 2014, Feb. 2015, and April 2015. Each one will focus on a specific topic to be discussed by those in the program but also the broader community.
Last year, one of the forum topics was “the role higher education should play in improving society,” which prompted efforts to solve problems in society.
The 10 chosen students will plan and implement each forum with the assistance of a faculty mentor. Students will be responsible for hosting the forums, as well as moderating, facilitating, marketing, and event planning.
The National Issues Forum Institute will provide forum topics from the guidebooks the institute developed. The final forum will be created by the student leaders based on their personal interests.
Students who complete the program by attending four planning meetings as well as the four forums will receive a civic leadership certificate.  Students will also complete individual tasks assigned by a faculty mentor. But, the program promises to require a minimal time commitment, as these forums will take place amongst an academic year.
Interested students should complete the online application by April 18 to be given priority consideration. The student leadership team will be selected and announced by May 5.

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