May 19, 2024

Carnegie Hall, the main building for business and sociology classes, closed at the beginning of summer break. Classes previously held in Carnegie will take place in Hollenbeck, and the Business Department’s office is now in the former Math Workshop Center.
Dr. Kaplan, head of the Business Department, was sad to leave the community created in the Carnegie building, but also excited to make the move.
“Carnegie was somewhat isolated,” Kaplan said. “It had its own neighborhood. I enjoyed being there.” Kaplan continued, “It [Carnegie] was an uncomfortable space.…it was not an appropriate space to work or learn.”
Kaplan also commented on his concern that Carnegie’s appearance made it more of a challenge to attract prospective students because of the building’s age.
Sophie Hulen, sophomore, didn’t have many complaints about its appearance, with Carnegie being the first building she went into when she was a prospective student, but loved having class in the building because it gave it a more natural feel than other buildings.
“There was a lot of natural light,” Hulen said. “Since there was no air conditioning, we always had the windows open.”
With the move, though, there has been a positive impact on the Business Department. According to Kaplan, it has created stronger collaborations between staff members, and the design of the building allows for the department to have eight faculty members and an administrative assistant fit comfortably in the office space. Given that a majority of classes in the English, Foreign Language, History, Political Science, Communications, and Religion Departments are held in Hollenbeck, the move has brought the Business Department in the center of student activity.
“Witt’s about connections,” Kaplan stated. “It’s a good thing for the Business Department to be here…to be all over here, together.”
Provost Duncan implemented this change, planning to renovate. Most funding for the Business Department went to hiring a new staff member, as well as going toward the changes. But due to the provost’s departure and a lack of funds, the renovations are being postponed.
“I’m going to unpack,” Kaplan joked. As of right now, there has not been a determined date for renovations to swing into full gear, let alone when classes would move back.

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