May 21, 2024

As Witt kicks off a new school year, Tiger-Print seems to be a welcome addition to campus.
For anyone who doesn’t know, Tiger-Print is the new campus-wide print queue, and in the place of PaperCut, Witt is now using a very similar program called Equitrac. What this allows students to do is to print from any computer on campus to any printer on campus. And students seem to have had a very positive response despite some frustration over software problems.
“I love it way more than PaperCut,” said senior Cali Clayton.  “It’s so much easier to use, and I don’t have to worry about sifting through 5 million papers.”
No more sorting through papers that someone may have printed to the wrong printer or forgotten to pick up.  As sophomore Mariah Koenig said, “It saves a lot of paper.”
But, as with any new technology, there are bound to be glitches.
Director of the Math Workshop Obed Lewis said, “I like it, but my employees can’t print to it.”
“It’d be great if you didn’t have to reinstall some of the drivers on the computers,” said senior Harley Shugart.
It seems that most of the problems are centered on downloading the software onto personal computers.
“Once you get it working, it’s very convenient,” said Joe Casedonte, ’18.
And Associate Professor Lori Askeland said, “I think once I get my personal computer figured out I will like it more.  But I don’t think it’s a bad change.”
In fact, faculty seem to be mildly unfazed by the addition of Tiger-Print.
Visiting Professor Ian Hoffman explained that for faculty, it’s not Tiger-Print which takes getting used to, “it’s more the changes in the machine.”
Some students have chosen not to use Tiger-Print because of rumors about it being a “pain in the butt,” as senior Ellie Johnson put it, or because they have their own printers in their rooms. And others seem to like the idea of Tiger-Print, but are upset that there are no longer printers in the residence halls.
Sophomore Evan Barnard said, “I think the only thing that’s bad about it is the printers are out of the residence halls.  But I downloaded the software on my computer, so I can print from my computer and it will go into the tiger cloud.”
The link to download the software can be found on MyWitt under the application tab.
To use Tiger-Print from a campus computer, the default printer will already be set to Tiger-Print. Just click print, and “a window will pop up asking you to approve the cost of the print job,” says the Information Technology page on Wittenberg’s website. At the printer, swipe your student ID card. Hint: the magnetic strip on your card needs to be facing away from the printer. Then, hit the button on the screen that says “log in and release print jobs,” select the items you want, and hit print. Don’t forget to log out when you are finished.
For further instructions on printing, copying, or scanning using Tiger-Print, see the instructions posted on the wall by any printer, or visit Wittenberg’s Information Technology website.  Questions or problems concerning downloading the software on your personal computer can be directed toward Wittenberg’s Solution Center, located in Thomas Library.

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