October 2, 2023

Yik Yak
The concept of Yik Yak is that you can post 200-character messages in a Twitter-style feed about what you are doing, what’s on your mind, a question you have, etc. Other people from your area can “upvote” it if they like it, or “downvote” it if they don’t. It is completely anonymous, and you can also respond anonymously.  You get rewarded for posting awesome Yaks by earning Yakarma points.
“Our goal with Yik Yak was to create an open forum for mobile users to easily communicate, or ‘Yak’ with one another, providing a virtual bulletin board of sorts for community engagement within a specific location,” said Tyler Droll, CEO of Yik Yak. Because it is based on a specific location, it is easy to stay informed on local events and news.
Another feature of the application is its “fictional peeks” section. You can peek into the fictional locations to see what everyone is saying. The fictional locations are: Freshman Advice, Yik Yak Hogwarts, Sports Headquarters, and Yik Yak Shark Tank.
Some examples of Yaks:
– Always a disappointment when you realize you shaved for nothing.
– Where is the party at tonight?
– Curves on women are nice, but curves on final exams are better.
– When I send in a yik yak, I feel like I’m sending in a tip to Gossip Girls.
– Huge turn on: when people smell good and are hot. Sometimes spicy. Wrapped in tinfoil. Are actually burritos.
– When you take a 10 minute study break and it accidentally lasts the entire year.
– I was two girls away from a threesome last night.

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