May 21, 2024

Has Netflix left a hole in your life with the removal of “Dawson’s Creek?”  Maybe you had a “New Girl marathon and don’t know what to watch next. Have no fear; the next several weeks on Netflix are offering a variety of goodies to fill everyone’s binge-watching needs!
Starting Sept. 26, you can watch the newest seasons of “Parks and Recreation and “How I Met Your Mother.” That should tide you over until season four of “The Walking Deadstarts streaming on Sept. 29. Of course, “Gilmore Girls fans everywhere have been buzzing about the release of all seven seasons to start streaming Oct. 1, and once you’ve had all the Lorelai you can handle, all you vampire lovers out there will be happy to see season five of “The Vampire Diaries is hitting Netflix on Oct. 2, and its spin-off, “The Originals,” will have season one available starting Oct. 7.
This will also be a bright day for “Supernatural fans, as season nine will begin streaming on Oct. 7 as well. “Arrow season two will be available the next day. It is rumored that “Sons of Anarchy season six will also become available next month, but to the disappointment of many — myself included — there is no definite date yet.
And if for any reason you find yourself embarrassed about the shows you’ve been spending your nights viewing, Netflix has recently added the ability to erase your viewing history. So after you spend your weekend watching “The Vampire Diaries while your roommate is away, no one will ever know!  You just simply go to your recently watched list and you can delete all the episodes you feel the need to hide.
Whether you do it in secret or with all your friends, you have a busy October ahead with these great new options!

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