June 22, 2024

Everyone loves free music, especially with the ability to download and stream music instantly to our phones. However, what if free music is downloaded to our phones without our consent? A recent scandal involving the rock music group U2 has struck up controversy and conversation across America and across campus as well.
U2 made an appearance at the highly anticipated Apple keynote, not only to perform, but also to announce that its latest album, “Songs of Innocence,” will be available as a free download to all iTunes users until October 13. What Apple didn’t specify is that it would essentially force the download on all iOS devices, in some way.
The album became available through wifi connection on all iOS devices in the iCloud. All users had to do was click the iCloud icon and the album was downloaded instantly. Before the event, it was rumored that the album would be preloaded on all iPhone 6 models, but as it turned out, everyone with an iTunes account is able to download the album, regardless of whether they own any iOS devices or not.
It’s safe to say U2 fans — and perhaps any alternative/indie fans — are content with the free download, but the privacy issue has struck concern for a lot of people.
“The album is actually really good, but the fact it was automatically on my phone is a little creepy,” freshman Corbin Dennis said. “[It] makes you wonder what will happen next.”
Even to everyone who loves the album, the thought of potentially automatic downloads can be frightening and disturbing. Only time will tell what other bands will give away albums, or what other downloads will take place in the future, as the iCloud is evolving into a mass distributor to all iPhones/ iTunes users.

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