April 13, 2024

Hey Tigers,
Have you ever had that moment in class when the lecture just isn’t interesting to you, or you were out late last night and your eyes feel really heavy, and they keep closing even though you are trying to stay awake? There is nothing more embarrassing than falling asleep in class, or even worse, when your friend takes a selfie with you when you’re sleeping in class. The struggle is real; so here are some tips I think you may find helpful when fighting off class time naps.

  1. Protein: Bring snacks to class that are loaded with protein such as almonds and cashews. According to Neuron magazine, proteins stimulate “special cells in the brain, orexin cells, [that] send electrical impulses stimulating wakefulness, as well as telling the body to get busy and burn calories.” If your class is after lunch, beware. High sugary foods will make you feel awake for a brief time, but then you might experience a low during class that will make you tired.
  2. Peppermint: The scent of peppermint is known to stimulate the brain. So, chew some gum or mints when you are feeling sleepy. Even just having something peppermint-scented is helpful. Extra tip: Lifesavers mints are known to not only keep you awake, but to also help you focus and memorize information more easily.
  3. Walk to the Bathroom: When you feel your eyes getting too heavy, stand up and take a walk to the bathroom. It is important to get your blood flowing again in order to stimulate your brain. While you’re there, splash some cold water on your face to wake yourself up even more.
  4. Interactive Classroom: If you are taking a more interactive class, your brain is always engaged and awake when you are talking. However, some classes are purely lecture-based, so, if your teacher allows it, raise your hand and ask a question. Talking makes you more alert.
  5. Extra Tip: Location, location, location. Where you sit in class is almost the most important factor in your alertness. Front and center is the way to go if you want to stay awake. Sitting right in the teacher’s line of vision keeps you alert. Sitting in the corner or back of the room brings you farther away from the class and lets you fall asleep. A general rule to follow: if the teacher can see you texting, you are in the right place; if you can conceal your phone easily, you are too far away.

Tiger Up!

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