April 19, 2024

“Gone Girl” is a cinematic adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s novel of the same name – and a fantastic one at that. People are often hesitant to see movies created from their favorite books, as the film version often changes many details and seems to fall short of expectations. “Gone Girl” is thankfully an exception to the rule.
The actors chosen to portray the characters fit fairly close to the book’s descriptions, and the plot and the majority of the details remain the same, yet the movie still managed to keep you interested even if you had read the novel and knew exactly what would happen next. Don’t let this scare away those of you that did not read the book – even though it’s an excellent read, doing so isn’t necessary to enjoy this film.
“Gone Girl” is best described as a psychological thriller/mystery, which takes place beginning on Nick (Ben Affleck) and Amy’s fifth wedding anniversary, when Nick comes home to find Amy missing. The story is told by viewing Nick in the present day with flashbacks to Nick and Amy’s relationship via Amy’s diary entries. The movie pieces together a marriage that started out perfect and turned toxic over time, which makes you wonder what exactly has happened to Amy. It doesn’t take long for Nick to start looking pretty suspicious.  Part of the thrill of the movie and the novel are the plot twists taken, so I won’t reveal more of the actual story line, but trust me, it takes a turn from your typical “who-done-it” mystery.
Amy is portrayed by Rosamund Pike, who delivers an excellent performance in this film. Affleck and Pike are joined by the always amazing Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry and Kim Dickens, as a few of the other faces you may recognize. Interestingly, as much as these actors are loved and the movie is enjoyed, most people are likely to find themselves hating nearly every character. While this may sound odd — as there is typically a sympathetic hero-type — it almost makes it more realistic: everyone has flaws and nearly every character is kind of awful in one way or another. It certainly makes you look a little closer at your significant other.
If you’re a fan of the book, you’re in for an accurate on-screen version of the story you already love. If you’ve never read it, you may appreciate this film even more since you will get to experience the twisted turns this movie takes as they unfold without already knowing just where this thriller is going. Parts of the film may be a little disturbing for some, but, for most part, I definitely recommend “Gone Girl” for your next movie outing.

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