June 18, 2024

Jonathan Rundman returned to campus last Thursday, performing with a band that included Witt graduate Lowell Michelson, ’94, on drums.
Rundman, a folk-rock singer/songwriter from Minneapolis, last performed two or three years ago in Ness Auditorium. This past Thursday in Founders was his fifth time performing at Witt.
Rundman was halfway through his 10-day tour and found himself with an open evening, so he called up to ask if he could play.
“I love this campus; it’s cool,” said Rundman.
The concert, sponsored by Campus Ministries, began with Rundman “test driving” a song from his new album “Look Up,” which is coming out in January 2015. He also played a traditional waltz from Finland, and some songs of his own creation which he called “Finnish-American.”
The turnout, though small, was enthusiastic.
“I’m excited to hear a full band set,” said senior Sean McCullough. “As someone who enjoys music, it’s fun to hear different kinds.”
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