March 1, 2024

10/01/14  Officers were dispatched to the HPER Center in reference to a phone call that a staff member received. Officers spoke to the staff member and a second staff member about an online photo of one of the staff members from when she played vollyball at Kent State University. The man told the staff member that he looked her up online and asked about the height of another female that was in the photo. The caller ID on the work phone did not show a phone number; it only showed “Wittenberg University.” Both staff members filled out Wittenberg University Police Division official statements.
10/03/14  Officers were dispatched to Hollenbeck Hall to meet with a staff member at room 302. She informed officers that she found a clear baggy with pills in the atrium area on the third floor near the pop machine. The pills were submitted into evidence.
10/04/14  While patrolling N. Wittenberg Ave., Officers observed a gray Honda CRV bearing an Ohio registration pull away from a parked position on the east curb of N. Wittenberg Ave., striking a parked blue Subaru Forester bearing an Ohio registration. Officers stopped and spoke to the driver and identified him as a student. The student struck the left rear bumper area of the Subaru Forester, causing minor scratches and paint transfer. The Honda had a dent on its passenger door and scratches down the side from the passenger door to the right rear tire. A student is currently using the Subaru. Officers attempted to make contact with the student using the Subaru, but had no luck. Officers did leave a voicemail on his cell phone. Photos were taken of the damage to both vehicles.
10/04/14  Officers were dispatched to Keller Apartments on a fire alarm. Upon arrival, officers noticed a lot of smoke coming from room 4. The students living in the apartment immediately came out and advised that the smoke was coming from a fog machine. The Springfield Fire Department arrived and advised the officers to reset the alarm. Residents of apartment 4 were advised not to use their fog machine and to keep the windows and door open for a few minutes to air out the apartment.
10/05/14  Officers were dispatched to the area of Alumni Way in reference to a male in a white t-shirt and blue jeans who was seen vomiting on the sidewalk by Alumni Way. Upon checking the area, Officers found the white male with another white male walking westbound on W. Ward St. The males were identified as students. There was some blood on one of the students’ shirt, and he advised they were just playing around. The students advised they were just getting some frustration out on each other, but wouldn’t go into detail about the fight or how it started. Both students advised they were okay and declined medical treatment, and [they] were Dean Cited for underage drinking, public intoxication and assault.
10/07/14  Officers were dispatched to Ferncliff Hall on the report of a fire alarm. Officers and the Springfield Fire Division arrived at the same time. The fire panel displayed trouble on the third floor. The fire personnel checked the area while the officers checked the main fire panel for more information. The main fire panel indicated the smoke detector active was in room 310. The female in room 310 advised fire personnel that she was curling her hair and set the smoke detector off. Fire personnel advised the alarm could be reset back to normal, and the alarm was reset.
10/07/14  Officers were dispatched to Tower Hall third floor referencing the odor of marijuana in the hallway. The Area Coordinator met officers in the hallway, and they could still smell the odor of marijuana. Officers attempted to isolate which room the odor was coming from, and determined that it was coming from room 307. They believed the smell coming from the room was incense, which is normally used to cover up the smell of marijuana usage. Officers knocked at room 307, and the resident said that the door was unlocked. Officers opened the door and identified the residents as students. While in the room talking to the two students, officers did not see any paraphernalia or drugs laid out in plain view and did not smell any odor within the room either. The Area Coordinator confiscated the candle that was being burned within the room and advised the students that using the candles is against the code of conduct agreement. Officers located and confirmed that the odor was coming from a trash can in the hallway right across from room 308. The Area Coordinator said they would get WFF to come and take the trash out to get rid of the smell from the hallway.

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