May 22, 2024

Pulling weeds, picking up trash, raking leaves—these are all ways in which student organizations can earn money for their respective budgets through a revived Student Senate campus clean-up program called “Tiger Clean Up,” according to Student Senator Sean Oberschlake, ’16.
The campus clean-up program, although inactive for the past couple of years, was originally written into the Student Senate Constitution and is a program that falls under the off-campus senator’s job.
“I hope it sparks an interest [sic] in keeping the campus beautiful,” Oberschlake said. “I think it will gain momentum with student groups with smaller budgets or help new groups get started!”
Oberschlake said that after identifying a spot on campus, he will send an e-mail to the treasurers of student organizations about the Tiger Clean Up opportunity.
Club sports teams are eligible to participate in Tiger Clean Up because their funds do come from Student Senate, but Varsity sports teams — at this point — are not eligible to participate. However, Oberschlake also said if there seems to be a large demand for sports teams to participate in Tiger Clean Up, then Student Senate will look into adding them into the equation.
Organizations that participate in a Tiger Clean Up will be given $100 for their organization’s budget. Each organization is allowed to complete two Tiger Clean Ups per semester.
“It is a great program for classes and groups with a roll-over budget to save funds for a bigger project,” Oberschlake said. “It is also good for [organizations] that have smaller budgets or want to plan a new activity that was not included in the previous approved budgets.”
Oberschlake also said that he hopes the program will be in full swing after Thanksgiving break, although he wants to get the program off the ground before then. He is currently working on many advertisement elements to successfully revive this program.

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