June 23, 2024

Disney Dreams
Hey Tigers,
This Halloween, people everywhere will be getting into the holiday spirit and dressing up like their favorite book or movie characters. Many people may dress up this year as their favorite Disney characters, but why not use the morals in those famous stories to become the person you want to be? For college students, Oct. 31 is a day of self expression, but the college experience is truly four years of self-discovery. So here are some tips and tricks that can be taken away from classic Disney tales that will surely make your dreams come true.

  1. The Lion King (1994): When young Simba the lion meets his brave rescuers Timon and Pumbaa, they sing to him about “Hakuna Matata,” living life without worries. Though he is hesitant at first, Timon and Pumbaa convince Simba to adopt their lifestyle of eating “slimy, yet satisfying” grubs. Just like Simba, you should make an effort to try new things in college, and you might be surprised where it leads you.
  2. Cinderella (1950): To be frank, Cinderella got the short end of the stick in life. Her dad is gone, and her step family treats her like garbage. She had every right to be angry and sad, but instead, she worked hard to please them. Eventually, the hard times paid off and she married a handsome prince and lived happily every after. The moral of the story? Keep going. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Life has ups and downs, and the ones who come out on top are those who persevere and work hard.
  3. Pinocchio (1940): A wooden boy is told that in order to be a real child, he must prove himself to be “brave, truthful and unselfish;” there is no better moral than that. In order to be the best you can be in life, work hard to be honest and care about other people. As Albert Einstein once said, “strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”
  4. Aladdin (1992): Aladdin believed that the only way Jasmine could love him was if he were a rich sultan. However, all his hard work to be something he wasn’t jeopardized his chances of love even more. It doesn’t matter who you are on the inside if you won’t show the rest of the world. Be who you are and those who matter will stick with you.

Extra Tip – Snow White (1937): Life seemed quite horrible for the young princess Snow White. However, her lonely childhood came to an end in the most unlikely of places: the home of seven dwarves. In order to commit to being the kind of person you want to be in life, surround yourself with good friends who want the best for you.
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