April 13, 2024

“Making a difference begins with a conversation. You can’t change the outcome without changing your behavior. It begins with you.” – Maggie Kramer, ’15
“I don’t even know what that is.” – Trey Shepard, ’18
“First of all, I’m a feminist, and I truly believe females need to be treated with more respect.” – Julie Cascino, ’15
“People need to respect each other, and we can’t be taking advantage of people.” – Officer Thomas
“I think we’ve had a lot of cover-ups of abuse or sexual misconduct to try to keep Witt’s image clean. So as students, it’s important to attack this head on.  We need students to talk about sexual misconduct and be uncomfortable with knowing that this is happening under their noses.” – Jasmine Jones, ‘ 15
“It has to do with women’s rights and standing up for survivors instead of blaming them.” – Melissa Hermerding, ’15
“It’s important to raise awareness for victims of sexual assault and for prevention.” – Nathan Dillahunt, ’15

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