September 28, 2022

“Making a difference begins with a conversation. You can’t change the outcome without changing your behavior. It begins with you.” – Maggie Kramer, ’15
“I don’t even know what that is.” – Trey Shepard, ’18
“First of all, I’m a feminist, and I truly believe females need to be treated with more respect.” – Julie Cascino, ’15
“People need to respect each other, and we can’t be taking advantage of people.” – Officer Thomas
“I think we’ve had a lot of cover-ups of abuse or sexual misconduct to try to keep Witt’s image clean. So as students, it’s important to attack this head on. ¬†We need students to talk about sexual misconduct and be uncomfortable with knowing that this is happening under their noses.” – Jasmine Jones, ‘ 15
“It has to do with women’s rights and standing up for survivors instead of blaming them.” – Melissa Hermerding, ’15
“It’s important to raise awareness for victims of sexual assault and for prevention.” – Nathan Dillahunt, ’15

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