June 18, 2024

If the Wittenberg Women’s Basketball season were to go just like their summer trip to Greece, it would be a perfect season.
In Greece, the team enjoyed new sights and sounds, as well as an entirely new culture. They played two games while there and won both of them, having fun while doing so. The team had to leave the beautiful Greek culture and return to the gorgeous Ohio culture and prepare for the season. The season opens against Capital on Nov. 15. The season is looking good, and no one is more excited than coach Sarah Jurewicz.
“We were picked to finish fifth in the NCAC, but I think we can aim for the top three,” Jurewicz said.
The Tigers return with four seniors, who are players to watch: Enri Small, Heather Schroeder, Darbie Zirkle and Katelyn Haralamos. Zirkle is playing at her best already in the preseason, which is a good sign for the Tigers.  Small is very fast and athletic, Schroeder is a consistent scorer, and Haralamos is very versatile. These seniors are “the heart and soul of this team,” according to Jurewicz, which may provide leadership and confidence to the younger players. These characteristics may greatly contribute to the Tigers’ campaign this year. The rest of the roster consists of five juniors, four sophomores and three freshmen.
Junior Teddy Tankersely has a bright outlook on the season also, but doesn’t want to make assumptions.
“Versatility is key because anything can happen,” Tankersely said.
The roster isn’t as deep in the post positions, so if there are foul-outs or injuries, any one of the players must be ready to go in and battle down low. Regardless, the team is maintaining a positive outlook which is “the kind of team we have tried to create,” according to Jurewicz. The women are using a new offensive scheme that none of the players have seen before, which adds to the importance of versatility — what this team is all about.
The preseason looks good so far. The Lady Tigers had a scrimmage against Bluffton on Nov. 6. The Tigers came away with a victory, and were pleased with the results. It was obvious that the Tigers were in much better shape physically than Bluffton, which is a great trait to have, especially in the preseason. They were even able to experience what the lack of post depth does to the game. When a post player gets into foul trouble, the Tigers may have to send in a guard player to post up, which is exactly what happened against Bluffton. It showed the team that random things can and will happen, and that they need be prepared for anything.
The Lady Tigers have a bright outlook on the upcoming season. They are working hard and doing all they can in order to be ready on Nov. 15  for their season opener. The only thing Jurewicz wants for her team this year is for the ladies to have fun and remain optimistic.

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