May 22, 2024

Hey Tigers,
Christmas is quickly approaching, and with it comes a burst of cold weather. At this time of year, you may find yourself thinking about keeping off weight during Christmas and the holiday festivities this December. However, the weather is getting colder, and exercising outside is becoming increasingly unappealing. So during the holiday season this year keep in mind these four BeachBody exercise videos that will keep you in shape and inside.

  1. Hip Hop Abs – If you need to work out but want to find a fun way to do it, “Hip Hop Abs” is for you. This series of workout videos by BeachBody are centered around dancing, and feature their host Shaun T. They work abs and cardio, and are sure to have you feeling great.
  2. Insanity – If your looking for something a bit more extreme, then you may want to give this other Shaun T workout a try. Reviews on BeachBody’s website call this ab video “The Hardest Workout Ever Put on DVD,” and claim results in 60 days.
  3. 21 Day Fix – This workout series is not only focused on exercise, but also portion control. “21 Day Fix” focuses on appropriate food consumption, cardio, abs and the lower body. They also have a yoga series for those looking to get fit and relax.
  4. P90x – Trainer Tony Horton launched these videos in 2003 and almost every athlete knows it’s name. These videos ask for 30 minutes a day and focus on burning fat and building muscle. Considered a “muscle acceleration system”, P90x will undoubtedly leave you feeling good and looking great.

Extra Tip: If you are in season and already have a sport workout but are looking for a little something more, try eight-minute abs after practice. You will feel like you have stepped into an ’80s infomercial, but you are sure to get more toned throughout your season.
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