July 14, 2024

“Time management. I’m teaching, so I have field experience, then I jump on the court. Monday night, I have class. We go straight from practice to class. We don’t eat much between.” – Darbie Zirkle, ’15, Women’s Basketball
“Balancing academic commitment and things you want to go to like colloquiums. It’s difficult in general because you see your friends living that NARP life, and I’m always on the track.” – Megan Heitkemper, ’16, Cross Country and Track
“Time management. Balancing school and football and baseball.” – Zac Wilson, ’15, Football and Baseball
“Balancing non-athletic friends and friends who are on the team, because sometimes they don’t always mix; and other groups like Phi Psi.” – Sam Archinal, ’17, Men’s Soccer

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