June 23, 2024

11/16/14  Officers were dispatched to Tower Hall in reference to a broken window on the eighth floor. Officers followed a blood trail through the building until the exit. Officers also checked surveillance footage of Firestine and developed a person of interest. Officers are working on identifying the individual.
11/19/14  Officers were dispatched to Firestine Hall in reference to a broken window. The resident stated an unknown group of people were outside the residence hall having a snowball fight when the window was broken. Physical plant was notified, and the window was repaired.
11/20/14  Officers were dispatched to a residence on Woodlawn Ave. in reference to a suspicious male begging for money. The male was located and advised in reference to the begging statute and sent on his way.
11/21/14  Officers were conducting a residence check on N. Fountain Ave. and observed a silver vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle but the operator refused to comply. Officers relayed the information to the Springfield Police Division.
11/23/14  Officers were dispatched to N. Lowry St. regarding an adult male and two juveniles entering the premises without permission. Officers spoke to the female student who resides at this address, and she stated that she was not home at the time, but that she did call it. She explained that her roommate was in her room upstairs and heard someone in the hallway, and when she opened the door, there was a young African American male (4-5 years of age) in the hallway and yelled to his father that someone was home. She then when downstairs, and an adult male said he used to live there and wanted to see the basement. The student told them no, and they left with no further incident. She believes that one of the younger males came in the back door and went through the house to the front door to let the others in. No description of the males could be given other than their approximate ages. There were no items taken.
11/23/14  Officers were dispatched to an address on Faculty Ct. in reference to a female sitting in a silver Honda Pilot and screaming. When officers arrived on scene, the driver was identified as the mother of a student. She was concerned about a text she had received from her son who resides on Faculty Ct. The female was cleared through SPD and advised to communicate with her son via telephone. Officers met with the student and advised him to call his mother.
11/24/14  Officers responded to Hollenbeck Hall on a report of a student stuck in the elevator. Springfield Fire Department arrived on scene and extracted the student from the elevator. A physical plant staff member arrived on scene and placed the elevator out of order until Otis Elevator can service it.
11/25/14  Officers were dispatched to the New Residence Hall to speak with a student who was experiencing some anxiety issues. She advised that she was worried about school, her mother and her relationship with her boyfriend, and she just needed to talk with someone. She advised that she felt much better after speaking with the officer. The officer advised her that she could speak with any of the officers at any time, as well as the school councilor.
11/27/14  Officers were conducting a check of Tower Hall over Thanksgiving break and found a room unsecured. The officer left a door hanger and secured the room.
12/3/14  Officers were dispatched to Woodlawn Ave. to meet with a student in reference to a bedroom door being broken. The student advised that on Nov. 22 between approximately 2300 and 2330 hours, a Wittenberg alum was attending a party at their residence when he tripped and fell into the bedroom door while dancing. The student advised that no one got hurt, and it was just an accident. Photos were taken and Physical Plant was contacted.

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