May 21, 2024

“When I first came here, I didn’t know what a fraternity was, so I thought I was going to join a sorority.” – Josh Marks, ’17
“I farted on the pool deck at Hiram, and everyone heard, even the other team. And none of the freshman knew who I was because I had just come back from being abroad.” – AJ Burt, ’15
“I slipped on ice. I had my headphones in and was trying to text and walk.” – Sloan Galbraith, ’15
“I walked into a light pole once. I was sober.” – Deidre Hooley, ’15
“Showing up to football workout late and getting chewed out in front of everyone.” – Brady Vanover, ’17
“My big bought me a computer decal with my monogram, and I thought it was a face tattoo, so I’ve been saving it to use on my face.” – Jade Brown, ’17

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