May 19, 2024

Heather Schroeder. Where have you heard that name before? Maybe from the big Code Red win for the women’s basketball team this past Wednesday where she contributed 13 points for a win over Ohio Wesleyan. Maybe from any basketball game this year. But maybe it’s from somewhere else.
The sport management and marketing double major has assumed numerous roles on campus aside from the basketball team. Schroeder is the vice president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) here at Wittenberg. She is also vice president of the North Coast Athletic Conference’s (NCAC) SAAC. She is also in Student Senate and holds the position of Athletic Senator. She is a student success ambassador, and, if that isn’t enough for you, she also works in the athletic department.
Schroeder says she loves being a part of so many organizations and thinks that it is very important to be involved. She enjoys being able to represent the athletes’ voices in all of these different campus organizations.
She has had many different experiences working for all of those organizations. These kinds of experiences have allowed her to work cooperatively with competitors.
“It’s really cool to work with athletes from other schools,” she said, referring to her work within the NCAC’s SAAC.
Schroeder said that her favorite part of being so involved is all of the friends she has made.
“Being a part of so many groups has allowed me to be more outgoing and meet new people,” Schroeder said.
Schroeder said that she loves to craft when she has the time and that she really loves looking at new ideas for crafting on Pinterest, a website that helps you find ideas for all your projects and interests. But she did confess that her favorite hobby is playing or going to watch other sports. She loves supporting other teams and going to the games.
Finishing up her last semester here at Wittenberg, Schroeder has recently accepted a job in Michigan as a tour commissioner of a junior golf tournament.

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