June 23, 2024

1/31/15  While on patrol, officers observed an intoxicated student behind McMurray’s Bar. The student attempted to hide a bottle behind his back and the cruiser tire. During the stop, a second student approached the officers intoxicated, carrying an open container of alcohol. Both students were cited into the Dean’s Office for the infractions.
2/1/15 Officers were dispatched to Firestine Hall in reference to a stolen Mac Book. Officers met with a student who stated the last time he saw the Mac Book was on 1/31/15. No suspects were listed at the time of the report. This incident is under investigation.
2/2/15  Officers were dispatched to police headquarters in reference to a report of a stolen drill. A WFF staff member stated he was outside the HPER Center using the drill when he stepped away. Upon his return, the drill was missing.
2/3/15  As officers were dealing with an intoxicated student, the SPD was investigating a possible residential break in at a residence in the 400 block of Park Place. Officers spoke with two students who stated they heard some footsteps and banging noises coming from their apartment. Upon further investigation, the banging noises were from an unknown person breaking in through the pass-a-through door. This incident remains under investigation and E2 campus alert system was activated.
2/3/15  Officers were dispatched to the area of Park Place in reference to an intoxicated male lying in the street. Officers identified the male as a student. After multiple attempts to garner information, officers were able to determine where the student lives. The student was cited for the infractions.
2/4/15  Officers were dispatched to Ferncliff Hall in reference to a complaint of a student having problems with an ex-boyfriend. Officers met with two students. One of the students stated that her ex-boyfriend, who is also a student, has been stalking her. Officers located the suspected student and spoke with him in reference to the incident. The student did not deny any part of the incident. Student Development was notified, along with the suspected students’ parents. The student victim declined to file criminal charges and a “no content” order was put in place.

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