June 18, 2024

The line went up the stairs, out the door and up the stairs again for Wittenberg’s annual Build-A-Tiger event organized by Union Board.
The event was scheduled to take place in Geil Lounge at 9 p.m. last Wednesday. Due to the fact that the line reached the all the way to the CDR, Union Board started the event an hour early at 8 p.m.
“This was more [people] than we expected,” sophomore Haylee Stone, membership chair of Union Board, said. They had 500 animals available for stuffing. Besides a tiger, students could make a chocolate or black lab, a squirrel monkey, an African elephant or a penguin.
The annual event allows students to pick out an animal to stuff on their own. They offered some “birth” certificates for participants to fill out with the new toy’s information: its name, date, place of “birth” and ownership, reminiscent of the Build-a-Bear process on which this event is based.
According to Stone, the event is a big hit every year. The crowd forms long before the event is supposed to start.
“It’s another option on Wednesdays that everyone seems to enjoy,” Stone said.
Students seemed to enjoy the event.
“It was fun,” freshman Kethry Warren said. “It’s nice to have a stuffed animal to deal with the stressful college experience. Plus, they’re cute.”

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