July 18, 2024

Chill Corner – Adrian von Ziegler
Stuck in a musical rut? Looking for something that is relaxing, yet different from the norm? Just looking for some beautiful music? Adrian von Ziegler will help you with that. The artist is a young instrumental composer from Switzerland. Though his music covers several themes, including emotional, fantasy and dark, his Celtic music is especially remarkable. It really takes you to a different world and lets you unwind. If you have ever heard the brilliant music from the movie “Braveheart,” you will love von Ziegler’s music. In addition to his Celtic music, he creates longer works, appropriately entitled “Relaxing Music.” These works are often tailored to different seasons. One of my favorite things about von Ziegler’s music is his creativity and how different his works are from the norm. He is one of the most talented musical artists I have come across. All of his pieces can be found on his YouTube channel. Here are some great works from von Ziegler:
“Celtic Music – Circle of Life” is one of the best works of Celtic music I have ever heard. It is the epitome of calmness and will bring you peace.
“World Music – Pearl of the Seas” will make you think of the crystal clear waters and sandy beaches of the Caribbean, especially since we are in the middle of Ohio’s frigid winter weather.
“Relaxing Music – Spring Charm” is wonderful music to study to. It is a longer piece that is chill from start to finish. The combination of the relaxing sound of the music and nature sounds incorporated in the background will give you happy vibes. Check out the other wonderful works in von Ziegler’s “Relaxing Music” series.
“Celtic Music – Ride” gives me Goosebumps every time I listen to it. The piece is filled with rebellious spirit.

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