June 18, 2024

Aaron Velasquez, a.k.a. “Flamingosis,” is an electronic artist from New Jersey. According to his website, the name “Flamingosis”comes from a freestyle Frisbee move that his father invented. To create his works, he samples from old school hip-hop, R&B, and funk. He cites his major influences as hip-hop beat makers such as Flying Lotus, J Dilla and Madlib. Flamingosis has a great variety in his sounds, but the common theme in his music is the funky sound. His music can make you dance, and it can make you chill out. The best places to find Flamingosis’ works are on his SoundCloud page and YouTube channel.
Each one of Flamingosis’s works brings a unique sound. Here are some great songs:
Flamingosis – “1978”
Flamingosis – “Cheer Up”
Flamingosis – “Taken”

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