May 22, 2024

Instrumental hip-hop makes for great studying music. Some of the best studying music I have encountered are the works from MF Doom. He is a hip-hop artist who originated from Long Island, New York. He is best recognized by the large metal mask he wears on his face, somewhat resembling the mask worn by the Marvel Comics villain Dr. Doom. MF Doom’s expertise is his instrumental beat-making skill. Each of his works are unique and relaxing, and they flow together brilliantly. His hypnotic sound always helps me get focused for school work. His instrumental-only albums called “Special Herbs” are classics. “Special Herbs: Vol. 1-2” is simply a masterpiece that can appeal to people who enjoy a variety of music genres, not just hip-hop. It is a shame that this creative artist has gone largely unknown to many people. I highly recommend MF Doom as an addition to anyone’s music collection. The best place to find MF Doom’s songs is on YouTube.
Some works to check out are:
The Entire “Special Herbs: Vol. 1-2” Album – From beginning to end, this whole album is a unique mix of sounds that are very soothing. In particular, the works “Eucalyptus” and “Saffron” from this album stand out as being especially remarkable.
“Benzie Box” Ft. CeeLo Green (Album: “The Mouse and The Mask”) – This song has a great sound, and CeeLo Green adds nice vocals into the mix.
“Lemon Grass” (Album: “Special Herbs: Vol. 3-4”) – One of my favorite instrumentals from this album. It has a really uplifting beat.

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