February 24, 2024

For this week’s local travel column, I decided to go back to the basics and tour downtown Springfield! Although the warmer spring weather is taking its sweet time in gracing us with its presence, once the weather warms up, a walk downtown can be a wonderful way to explore the city we all call our home for four years.
First stop on your downtown tour: Lee Ann’s Dairy Delight on High Street. This tiny ice cream shop is just a few blocks away from downtown and offers amazing meals and treats at very cheap prices. I got a pretzel with cheese sauce for a dollar and a banana split for $1.99. They also have $3 subs, hot dogs for under $2 and many other tasty foods. I have been stopping here since my freshman year and highly recommend it.
After fueling up, head back towards downtown and take a right onto Limestone Street. On Limestone and Main, you’ll see Champion City Supply, a store that has everything you need to show your Springfield pride. From T-shirts to posters and artwork, this shop has it all; even though my time at Witt is coming to an end, I couldn’t help but beam with pride as I walked around the shop.
If you weren’t feeling too hungry at Lee Ann’s and just got an ice cream, fear not! The Fountain on Main also offers yummy eats and a cute dining area; it’s themed like a ’50s diner and serves burgers, sandwiches and salads, as well as daily specials. If your schedule is filled with afternoon classes, it might be hard for you to make it, however. The restaurant is only open from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. That being said, if you can stop by for lunch, you should. Check it out at 14 East Main Street.
Before heading back to campus, I always like to stop in Fair Trade Winds on Fountain. They have an awesome variety of things from around the world and sell fair trade goods. This means the people who made the products focus on sustainability in their items and are paid fair wages for their goods. It’s a win-win. The store stocks things seasonally, so it’s fun to walk around and see different trinkets and toys from different parts of the world.
Although I’ve been touring local towns throughout the semester, sometimes it’s best to see your own city. If you don’t want to wait for warmer weather, grab some friends, grab a coat and get out there! Happy exploring!

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