June 18, 2024

3/6/15  Officers were dispatched to Tower Hall in reference to a fire alarm going off. Once on scene, it was determined that the alarm was coming from the ninth floor. Officers spoke with the resident, who advised that he had burnt popcorn. Officers attempted to reset the alarm, but were unable, as there was an audible alarm in the room that would not reset. Physical Plant workers were notified and responded to fix the alarm. It was determined that the alarm had been tampered with by the student in an attempt to silence the alarm. The student was advised that in the future he should wait on police or fire response and should not tamper with the alarm.
3/6/15  Officers were dispatched to a residence in the 800 block of N. Fountain Ave. in reference to someone ringing the doorbell continuously and leaving. Prior to meeting with the residents, officers checked the area for the suspects. Officers met with two students who stated they were in bed when they were awakened by the doorbell being rung numerous times. The students were concerned about a small crack in the window next to the door lock. Officers completed a work order to take care of the crack.
3/7/15  Officers were dispatched to Synod Hall on a report that an elderly female had fallen and was injured. Medic 2 was already on scene and assisting the injured lady. As a result of the fall, the lady sustained cuts and abrasions to her head. Medic 2 transported her to Springfield Regional Medical Center for evaluation.
3/8/15  Officers were dispatched to the Student Center in reference to two suspicious persons. Officers searched and did not locate anyone in the building.
3/14/15  Officers were inspecting the fire alarm panel in Firestine Hall and observed a large amount of standing water. The standing water was a result of leak in the mechanical room. Physical Plant and WFF were notified.
3/14/15  Officers were dispatched to the 400 block of Park Place in reference to a theft of a bicycle. Officers met with a student who provided a brief description of the bicycle and a written statement. No suspects were listed on the report.
3/19/15  While conducting a Residence Hall check, officers found standing water in the basement of Firestine Hall. Physical Plant and WFF were called to mitigate damage from the flood.
3/19/15  Officers located writing on the wall in Hollenbeck. The graffiti was illustrated with chalk and was able to be erased. However, the walls need to be cleaned to get rid of marks left by erasing. Dispatch contacted WFF to clean the walls.

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