June 18, 2024

Twenty-one varsity sports, 102 student-athletes, 687 wins. The class of 2015 has seen it all, from Conference Championships to National Championships and All-Conference to All-America.
Being a student-athlete at the college level is not easy. Playing a sport in college requires sacrifice, and for the past four years, this class has gone above and beyond and have been very successful. Playing a sport in college is precious to so many people because for many, it’s the last four years to really compete playing the sport that they love.
I got to talk with a few of the senior athletes about the last four years they’ve had here playing their respective sports; some about their best memories, what being a part of a team has done for them and what they will miss the most about Wittenberg Athletics. While winning is always something to be proud of, a lot of them had more to say about the bonds they’ve created and their own little families that they have here at Wittenberg.
Senior football player Clay Mangen talked about the pride and character that he said Wittenberg Athletics has instilled in him.
“I will miss the great tradition that Wittenberg Athletics has, and I will miss my teammates, especially the seniors who finished with me,” Mangen said.
Stu Haley, a senior baseball player, said that some of his best memories have been the Spring Break trips he’s taken with his team over the last four years, as those are the kind of trips that really help create a bond between all the players.
Senior volleyball player Kiah Murray also had a lot to say about her own family.
“I know for the volleyball team, we actually call ourselves a family, and some people may see that as an exclusive group, but in reality we just go through a lot together,” she said. “We all put in our blood, sweat and tears into something, and after it all, it’s been rewarding because now I know I have lifelong friends.”
Although Athletic Director Gary Williams has only been here for just a year, he was more than impressed with how the senior student-athletes have acted within their last year.
“The passion, character and commitment this group has shown me each and every day on and off the field is why I am so proud to serve Wittenberg,” Williams said.
These last four years have given these athletes not only lifelong memories, but also lifelong friends in their teammates and coaches. Congratulations on your last four years and all the greatness you have brought to Wittenberg Athletics and the university!

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