June 13, 2024

Sophomore year has been like the plane ride that I took from Miami to Key West. It was an extremely short flight, and we had a smooth start. Then, we hit some turbulence. And finally, we came to a grinding halt on a very short runway.
This year has gone by extremely fast, and I feel like I am still a freshman, not an upcoming junior! The first half of the year went smoothly. I had no trouble keeping up with classes; I was having a lot of fun in the majority of them, and I became closer with a lot of my friends. I also made some new friends through being a peer mentor and exposing myself to new parts of university life.
The second half of the year has been a bit more “turbulent,” if you will. There have been more assignments and more stress, and simply more to do! The fact that many of my friends are leaving next year, either because they are graduating or because they are spending time abroad, became very real. And, as an education major, I was exposed to a huge amount of field experience, which included several moments where I came to doubt my abilities.
Now we are at the end of our flight: the final landing. Let me tell you that Key West is not very big itself, let alone it lacks a large runway on the airport. That is what the end of the semester feels like: a runway just barely long enough for a safe landing. With projects and papers and portfolios, there is hardly any time to spend with friends who are leaving!
But, we always make time. We land safely in the bright sunlight and breathe a sigh of relief. As this semester comes to a close, I cannot help but be excited for what is to come. It will not be quite the same as a week on the beach, but I do believe that I will enjoy my next two years at Wittenberg.

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