April 15, 2024

New Order, an English band that has been a staple in alternative-dance and dance-rock since its formation in 1980, released its tenth record, “Music Complete,” on Sept. 25, and it stays true to a revolutionary sound that crosses several genres.
The 11-track record employs many of the traditional aspects one would expect of dance genres, utilizing a strong bass aspect in each song, catchy easy-to-dance-to beats and pop-infused melodic structures.
The opening track, “Restless,” is one of the most brilliant on the record, a commentary on losing hope from watching the state of the world become ever more disheartening. Standout lyrics include “The more I see / The less, the less I believe / The more I hear / The less, the less I perceive” and “I feel so restless / Ain’t got no interest / I couldn’t care less / Can’t be a success.”

Overall, though, there wasn’t much to say regarding the lyrics, as there were few instances of outstanding cleverness. However, the melodic aspects of each song should speak for themselves, as they are the main components that comprise the integrity of each track, and the album as a whole.
Some of the songs, such as “The Game” and “Superheated,” infuse musical roots typically associated with alternative rock and pop-punk genres, melodically speaking. Other songs, such as “Academic” and “Nothing But a Fool,” take on a more delicate persona, inspired by more melancholic themes and slower beats, somewhat reminiscent of a slightly more rock-like Coldplay or R.E.M. The latter two songs will leave you not only sympathetic to the performers’ pain, but will have you feeling it, too.
But most of the songs celebrate the high-energy electronic-pop feel of dance music, and songs such as “Singularity,” “Plastic” and “Tutti Fruity” are likely to be the favorites for fans of early Cobra Starship-esque music. These tracks reiterate everything that makes dance music worthy of the dance floor.
This album is definitely worth a listen if you are a fan of pop, electronic and rock n’ roll. It will have you on your feet one moment, and heartbroken the next. “Music Complete” is the music to complete your dance-rock collection.

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