May 19, 2024

President Emma Rollett
Emma Rollett

Vice President Karen Wildemann
Vice President
Karen Wildemann

Treasurer Isaiah Brock
Troy Boucher

Each year, there are many freshman students running for officer positions to be the leading faces for their class. This year’s freshman class of 2019 voted Emma Rollett as president, Karen Wildemann as vice president, Isaiah Brock as treasurer and Troy Boucher as secretary.
These four students campaigned together for the election. They posted fliers around campus and used word of mouth to get their names out in the Wittenberg community.
Boucher explained that he took candy around to the student residence halls and introduced himself to as many freshmen as possible. Wildemann promoted herself through social media.
“It is an honor to be an officer for my freshman class. I am humbled that my classmates felt that I would be the best for the job,” Wildemann said.
“It feels awesome to be a class officer for my class,” Boucher said. “I’m really excited to [potentially] lead our class for the next four years.”
During the first year serving as a class officer, the job for these students is to introduce themselves and their class to the Wittenberg traditions. They are also responsible for holding class events to increase the bonds between members of the class and to understand the needs the 2019 class may have.
They are expected to learn about how the school is run and what their responsibilities are. They are also expected to communicate with organizations on and off the Wittenberg campus.
“I hope that they have the same experience I did,” said Senior Class President Kayla Villegas, “meeting the most amazing people and making great memories. I hope they step out of their comfort zone and open their mind to new opportunities. I can’t wait to come back for Homecoming in the future and hear about the wonderful accomplishments they would have made.”
Villegas explained that as upperclassmen officers, their job is to mentor the freshman officers into their new roles, teach them about how to conduct orderly meetings, recruit and retain a cabinet and plan successful events.
Together, the freshman officers want to use their abilities to help meet the needs of their classmates.
“I am always open to suggestions to make Witt an even better place,” Wildemann said.
“I hope to make a difference here at Witt not only for my class, but for the whole university,” Boucher said.
“This is really the freshman officers’ opportunity to get their feet wet in leadership,” Villegas said.
So far, the freshman class officers are trying to grasp their responsibilities, as they have recently been sworn into their positions.

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