June 13, 2024

Sometime, somewhere, I think everyone has heard it. Whether it be in a commercial, a movie, or even at a party, the song “Stacy’s Mom” is bound to show up at some point.
This incredibly catchy song was released in 2003 by a rock band called Fountains of Wayne. It earned the band a couple of nominations at the 2004 Grammy Awards. Though this is clearly the song most commonly associated with the band, Fountains of Wayne has released a lot of good rock music.
Fountains of Wayne was formed in New York City in 1996. Members of the band say that the group was named after a lawn ornament store in Wayne, New Jersey. It has released five studio albums since its creation, including “Fountains of Wayne” (1996), “Utopia Parkway” (1999), “Welcome Interstate Managers” (2003), “Traffic and Weather” (2007) and “Sky Full of Holes” (2011).
Though the band was inactive for a small period of time in the early 2000s, it has otherwise stayed together since its creation. Its music has been heavily featured in shows and movies. The band has been heard in shows such as “Gilmore Girls,” “Malcolm in the Middle” and several others. Its music has been featured in movies such as “Just Friends” and “Two Weeks Notice,” as well as others.
Fountains of Wayne’s music has been described as power pop, alternative rock and pop punk. Its songs embody this mixing of pop and rock. Something you notice when you listen to its albums is a great mix of all kinds of different sounds.
If you’re a person that likes a more chill sound, there are plenty of songs for that. If you like more of a heavier rock influence, the band has plenty of songs for that as well. Some of its more chill songs include “Hackensack,” “Valley Winter Song,” “Hate to See You like This” and “Hat and Feet.” Some of its more rock-oriented songs include “Laser Show,” “Little Red Light” and “Leave the Biker.”
Another aspect of Fountains of Wayne’s music is its lyrical content. They’re very meaningful and encouraging. The story-telling and voice in their lyrics are often very powerful.
Top 5 Fountain of Wayne Songs:
1. “She’s Got a Problem”
2. “Hackensack”
3. “Valley Winter Song”
4. “Troubled Times”
5. “Hate To See You Like This”
These songs have a lot of chillness and have more soul as well. There are good story-telling lyrics, too. If you’re looking for some good alternative rock to listen to, Fountains of Wayne is a great option.

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