May 21, 2024

Since the first season in 1892, the Wittenberg Tigers football team has had a history of success. The team is a five-time National Champion, two-time runner-up and the first Division III program with 700 wins under its belt.
Wittenberg’s success started with Ernie Godfrey, who led the team in 1916 and again from 1919 to 1928. He coached Wittenberg to two undefeated seasons in 1919 and 1920, and had a record on 63-24-8. The team received its next coach, Bill Edwards, in 1955, and he stayed until 1968. While at Wittenberg for 14 years, he earned a record of 98-20-4. Edwards was also an All-American as a player for Wittenberg in 1929.
“It’s a great feeling and good part of what it actually means to be a Wittenberg Tiger,” junior defensive line BJ Ford said. “There is no better way to be describing how much tradition has been passed through the years through every Homecoming game and victory.”
In recent years, hundreds of Wittenberg players have had the privilege of being coached by Jim Fincham. Fincham has led the Tigers to a .866 winning percentage in homecoming games with the record of 13-2. The Tigers lost in 2002 and again in 2012.
The team has an overall record of approximately 727 wins, 35 losses and 32 ties. Since the year of 1955, Wittenberg has only suffered one losing season.
“It’s all about the tradition,” senior cornerback Armon Murray said. “We were brought here to win games, and that’s it.”
After having its first NCAC loss since 2012 against the Wabash Little Giants, the Tigers took on Wooster University for Homecoming, and beat the Scots with a score of 24-0.

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