April 15, 2024

Independence parties in Catalonia presented a motion to begin the process of the region’s secession from Spain.
President Obama announced the U.S. Military will halt the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.
A Russian airliner plane crashed in Egypt on Oct. 31, killing 224 people.
On Nov. 3, Ohioans decided whether marijuana will be legalized in the state by voting “Yes” or “No” on Issue 3.
The U.S. Military will deploy a small special operations force to Syria in efforts to fight ISIS.
During Oklahoma State University’s Homecoming Parade, a woman purposefully drove into a large crowd, killing four people and injuring another 30.
Nearly half of the 23 non-profit insurance cooperatives created under the Affordable Care Act in 2011 announced they will close by the end of the year.
Representative Paul Ryan became the new Speaker of the House on Oct. 29.
A record 1,426 Americans gave up their citizenship in the third quarter of 2015, according to new government data.
Imprimis Pharmaceuticals announced plans to offer an alternate version of Daraprim at one dollar per pill, vastly undercutting Turing Pharmaceuticals, who recently increased the price of the drug by 1,500 percent.
Canada elected Liberal Party politician Justin Trudeau as its new Prime Minister on Oct. 19.
China ends its one child policy amid fears of an aging population and inadequate workforce.
Antioch College in Yellow Springs announced plans to develop 160 housing units for a project called Antioch College Village.

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