April 15, 2024

brianArea Coordinator Brian Richardson was promoted to the position of assistant director for Multicultural Affairs at the end of September.
Richardson believes his leadership in this position will benefit the student body.
“It’s a benefit to all because I interact with all students, not just multicultural students,” Richardson said. “With my background, I feel like I am able to relate to a lot of students.”
The new position requires him to oversee multicultural students, actively run M2S2, advise Concerned Black Students (CBS), help with Shades of Pearls, assist with contracts and budgeting information and promote large-scale programs.
Richardson is currently the area coordinator for Firestine Hall, Myers Hall and Campus Ministries. He has worked in this position for three years, and will be continuing with it as he takes on his new position. He also advises for club basketball and will now help with advising other club sports.
Richardson said having this job will not affect his duties as an Area Coordinator.
“They work hand in hand; the students see me in a different light,” Richardson said. “I live where they live.”
Receiving the job was not expected by Richardson.
“It kind of just happened. Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed,” Richardson said. “I’m connected to the university; I’m committed to the students.”
CBS is an organization on campus that is open to all students of different backgrounds, and works to promote diversity around campus. Many of its members are excited about Richardson’s new opportunity.
“I think it’s good,” Asha Toure, ‘17, said. “I would like Brian to stay here after his area coordinator position is over, so I’m happy they gave it to him.”
O’Jeanique Washington, ’17, said that if he’s “happy, I’m happy.”
“I think it’s cool; I just don’t want him to get stuck in Springfield,” Celina Thompson, ’17, said.
“I think it’s a good opportunity for him,” Kamiya Fletcher,‘17, said. “I can’t wait to see how he plans to promote and endorse diversity on this campus. Diversity is something that we need help in as a campus.”
John Young, associate dean of Students for Multicultural Students, also said he was happy for Richardson.
“I’m happy he is the assistant director. I can always use extra minds and hands,” Young said. “He initiated M2S2, he has stepped in as Concerned Black Students advisor for a year and half. He has developed a good relationship with the athletic department.”
Richardson has goals for improvement that he wants to accomplish during his time as assistant director.
“I want to continue to spread awareness for diversity, stressing the issue of involvement,” Richardson said. “I’m committed to student success and retention.”
He also says he wants to help with students’ needs.
“If a student says there is a need, I’m able to help,” Richardson said. “My passion has been working with students and helping them understand their potential.”

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