June 13, 2024

11/07/2015 Officers were dispatched to Firestine Hall in reference to a group of males jumping on vehicles in the parking lot. Upon their arrival, officers spoke to a student who stated that there was a new dent on the hood of his truck. Reportedly, the suspects fled on foot towards the HPER.
11/07/2015 While on patrol, officers observed a student leaning against the wall and holding his head down while speaking to another officer. The student’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy. The officer asked the student if he had anything to drink, and the student said no. The student stated that he was tired from working all day. The student agreed to submit to a series of field sobriety tests and as he started to walk, he fell backwards onto the floor. Medic 7 was called and transported the student to Springfield Regional. It is believed that the student had been drinking vodka. A dean responded to the hospital. This matter has been referred to Student Development.
11/07/2015 While at Firestine Hall on another case, officers spoke with a Resident Advisor, who advised that she had an altercation with several males that could possibly be tied to the original Criminal Mischief complaint. While in the RA office, the RA heard a lot of commotion coming from down the hallway. The RA confronted a group of males and asked the group to leave. The group of males became louder and continued to harass the RA. The RA told the group that she was going to call the police, and the group left the area. The RA identified one of the males as a student. Officers made contact with the group of males and identified them all as students. The group admitted that earlier they had been making noise near the RA office. Additionally, they admitted to drinking underage. Video and statements were submitted. This matter has been referred to Student Development.
11/08/2015 Officers were dispatched to the 100 Block of W. College Ave. to meet with a student in reference to a vandalism complaint. The student advised that he arrived back on campus between 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. and parked his vehicle in the 100 Block of W. College Ave. He further advised that at some point an unknown person scratched his paint causing several deep gouges. Photos of the damage were submitted.
11/11/2015 Officers were dispatched to the Student Center in reference to an intoxicated male. Officers met with two RAs who stated that a student was highly intoxicated. As one of the RAs advised the student that he needed to checked out by a medic, the student fled from the area. Ultimately, the student was located in a New Residence Hall restroom. The student had injuries to his chin and knee. The student refused to cooperate with officers and medics. Additionally, the student was also physically combative with both officers and medics. Ultimately, the student was restrained and transported to the hospital. Student Development was notified.
11/12/2015 Officers were dispatched to Keller Apartments in reference to a fire alarm. Officers spoke to the resident, who stated that she did not know what caused the alarm. SFD arrived on scene and reset the alarm panel. A work order was submitted to check the detector.

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